Resources for Writers in Need

— Wayne Dyer

Our express goal here is to help you write that book. To that end we have gathered here an assortment of tools and tricks to help you.

Everything from organisational tools to character development exercises, to extreme incentivising measures can be found here - and we're adding new tools all the time!

Browse around and have a play!


Scrawl is an online word processor designed with writing in mind!

It is focussed around motivation, tweaked in all sorts of little ways designed to encourage free thoughts and high wordcounts.

Try it out now!


Write with Friends

Final Deadline gives you the option of letting your friends see your progress over Facebook - surround yourself with like minds, let your friends know what you're working on, encourage each other and have fun.

Often the best thing to do when you're a little overwhelmed with your own world is spend some time in someone else's for a while. Ask another writer what they're working on - join the circle!


Know Thyself

This exercise helps you get to know your character inside and out. Flesh out preexisting ideas or create a whole new personality on the fly!

If you ever find you've hit a wall and your plot doesn't seem to be going anywhere, there's no better way to get out of the mire than by spending some quality time with your characters!



Choose the approach that suits you best - fit the workload around your own calender with our interactive timetable planner.

We provide pretty graphs and visualisations where you can watch your efforts piling up.



Or track your project with Final Deadline and we'll handle all the organisational stuff for you.

We divide your work into bitesize chunks and set you up with clear daily targets. All you have to do is write!

You need to be tracking your novel with Final Deadline to use this app - get started now.

The Sharp Edge

The Sharp Edge is the most effective tool in our toolbox, but it's not for the faint of heart...

Blow through procrastination and apathy by threatening yourself where it hurts: in the wallet. With the Sharp Edge, you attach a price to your own performance, forcing your future self to work, or suffer the consequences.

Fear is the greatest motivator there is. Living on the Sharp Edge is the one sure way to get the best out of yourself. It's scary now, but worth it afterwards.


Race to out-write your friends using Skirmish, our attractive venue for Word Wars and Word Sprints.

Word Wars are a great way to write socially while massively boosting your wordcount.


Forgotten Words

Feeling overwhelmed and despondent is absolutely natural when you're halfway through a big project - you have a huge amount of very messy text that never had a chance of living up to the glowing, perfect image you had in your mind.

Plan for this feeling in advance: Write down what you're doing and why it's going to be great, and why you have to have faith. Then later on, your earlier words may just come back to you when you really need them.

You need to be tracking your novel with Final Deadline to use this app - get started now.


No plot? No problem!

If you just want to write and you don't have a story, click here and we'll give you one.

...We make no promises as to its quality.



Get specific, line-by-line feedback using our Critique app. Critique allows your editor to record immediate thoughts and ideas as they occur.

Send a private link to a select circle of your most trusted friends and editors, or stick it out in public and let anyone join in.

Simply upload some work for a current writing project - or start a new one here.


Our Workshop provides a busy, constructive atmosphere that's much more fun and focussed than hiding away in isolation.

Make yourself visible in the Workshop and anyone can sit down next to you and talk about what you're doing.

Get inspired by reading the writings of others, and share your own expertise by offering critique.

You have stories in your head that no one else can see.
Today is the day to write them down.

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