It's very motivating to hear other people, just working on and enjoying their own projects.

Whether it gets you geared up and competitive or just provides a nice break from your own story, it's all in good fun. Sometimes you want to jump into someone else's world for a while, and give them the chance to jump into yours.

This is a great thing for motivation! Books written in the dark find it very easy to curl up and die. If you're running out of steam, it's often best to open up and let others give you some more.

Let your progress inspire others to do the same - and even when you feel you're flagging, your friends can be there to push you forwards.

Often it's when you're sitting around, chatting aimiably, that's when good ideas burst into life. Your own head doesn't have to have all the answers - other people can give you their thoughts, or simply their voices can trigger new thoughts of your own.

The Final Deadline Facebook app will automatically post your progress to your Facebook with every check in. Your efforts will appear in your timeline where your friends can cheer you on.

Your work will be visible to whoever you have instructed the app to show it to - and none of your actual writing will be on display, only the amount of progress you have made!

Your progress will only be posted if you are actually logged into Facebook at the time - log in and out seamlessly.

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